Coming this season to Vail, Aspen & Park City Ski Resorts

Experience the Swiss Ski Boot

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This winter, Dahu will provide a full-service valet program for those who prefer to experience our products before purchasing.

Step 1

Use the Dahu mobile application to obtain your exact sizing. Submit your measurements to a member of our team and share your preferred delivery location.

Winding Road

Step 2

A member of our partner team will deliver Dahu boots to your location and ensure accurate sizing. Ski for the day and simply contact us when the lodge beckons.

Step 3

We will collect the boots from your specified location, completing your Dahu experience and freeing your time to enjoy after-ski adventures.

It's easy
with TripHero

Our trusted partner

A Dahu-certified partner, Trip Hero manages our Valet offering from start to finish. Their attention to detail and focus on delivering a complete service experience ensures that your needs and expectations are met at every stage

Dahu Shoe Box

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Find out why Dahu is not like every other ski boot out there on the market and what makes it unique.

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Dahu Valet

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