The complete ski experience

Break Free

Elevating alpine expectations

We believe that bold and courageous steps are required to set a dynamic new standard for alpine excellence. Reimagining the ski boot as a precision-crafted tool is our ethos. Redefining the relationship between on-hill performance and comfort is our passion.

Warm, weatherproof and fit to the unique contours of your feet

Micro-adjust buckles
enable a customizable fit

Aluminum Power Beam
drives ideal stance and power transfer

Interchangeable heel & toe plates
GripWalk retrofit kit now available

Velcro Power Strap
adds extra support to keep your boot secure

Primaloft Insulation

patented synthetic microfiber thermal insulation

technology searchable by rescue professionals

The Swiss Ski Boot

Our heritage combines traditions of European master craftsmanship with advanced digital technology and an embrace of beauty in composition. An alchemy of precision and style enables us to deliver life’s ultimate luxuries: comfort and time.  

Écorce 01 Shell

Corsair Shell

The Shell

The transformative shell delivers power, stability and flexibility for optimal downhill achievement in every alpine condition. 

Corsair Entry

The world is constantly changing, but the ski boot has remained largely uninspired—until now. Our proprietary Corsair Entry System design transforms the alpine experience, allowing the Cambium boot to easily enter and exit the shell. 

This innovation erases the boundaries between on- and off-hill enjoyment, combining comfort and performance at every turn.

Cambium Boot

The Cambium Boot forms a striking counterpoint to the shell’s precise technicality. Warm, weather-proof and envelopes the wearer in plush comfort—it is both a high-performance liner and rugged alpine footwear.

Trilock Sole

The trilock sole laterally locks your foot to ensure optimal power transfer between the cambium boot and Écorce shell.

An adjustable lacing system provides the ultimate in customization for your boot.

Trilock Sole Grip


Built for comfort and performance—and inspired by everywhere—Dahu was created for skiers who demand alpine perfection. 

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