Shaped by Experience


Swiss Precision

We believe that realizing alpine potential means taking bold and courageous steps that set a new standard for exceptional performance and comfort. The Swiss Ski Boot is a realization of that design ethos.

Inspired by Everywhere

Our design language is boundless. Our creative visionaries take inspiration from the mountain, from modern architecture, graphic art, sport, technology—both digital and mechanical—the words they read and the images they consume; all of which are transferred into their designs. First in sketches, then in digital renderings before our boots are hand-molded and crafted.

Dahu is made for alpine enthusiasts who understand the world’s nuances and want its unrelenting beauty expressed across everything they own.

Alpine Mountains
Dahu Leather Machine

Built for Quality

The Dahu workshop is where centuries-old expertise and technologically-informed imagination collide to make functional magic. It is where the cobbler’s obsession with detail meets the technologist’s passion for innovation.

Led by our Swiss design team, we created something entirely new yet unmistakably familiar—a ski boot that marries form, function and quality craftsmanship for a transformative alpine experience.

Elevate the
alpine experience

To meet our exacting specifications, materials are selected with an eye to technical performance and comfort. Suppliers are vetted and chosen for their alignment with our vision and exacting requirements.

Our designs are distinctive and unrepentantly forward. The preference is for minimalist palettes and precise lines that showcase the sophistication and uniqueness of the wearer.

The Process

Dahu craftspeople follow our boots through each stage of the manufacturing lifecycle, from in-studio conception to material selection and delivery.

Precise and unwavering quality assurance standards ensure that every Dahu boot performs to specification while on hill, then delivers comfort and style while off.

Live Beyond Limitations

The Dahu boot was constructed to empower the freedom and flexibility of the wearer. It ignores traditional limits and inspires unrestrained exploration.

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